NAAHS Can We Stop The Black Rain Falling

It is not Freddie Mercury anymore. “Supersonic” means something completely different. It is not a “blast” in “two hundred fahrenheit” and it is not aimed at Mars.

The collusion is happening. Right now not with atom bombs, not yet.

The only thing we know for sure: tens of thousands are never going to have the chance to float in ecstasy, ever. Millions won’t see the stars only the shooting.

Children aren’t going to loosen up. Many of them are dead. Bombs do not select.

It’ll be worse.

In a world where fat cats and their favorite pets completely lost it and consumed their leftover souls in greed just to make this earthly existence even more inhospitable for anyone else; in a world where war mongering war machine heads are just keep pushing their compensational games with the price tag of millions and millions lives – all these spineless bloodsucking heartless inhumane creatures who have been creating havoc and doom it is impossible to trust the falling of black rain can be stopped.

Because it can’t.

Because it is impossible.

Because it is too late by then.

What it is not too late is to hold each other’s hands. Sounds cheesy? Indeed. And also, this cheesy idea of holding each other’s hands instead of pulling triggers, pushing nuke bombs and launching hypersonic missiles spiced up with psych ops, creating fear and uncertainty meanwhile ruining livelihoods, soil, air, water; stripping the smile and trust, peace and hope; I believe this cheesy idea of holding each other’s hands is a better option.

This can even stop the black rain falling.

Because we matter. All of us.


Neoborn Caveman