This week’s episode, titled “Cum Comet Cum – and it’ll be all over… or not?” features a range of topics that will make you think and laugh.

First up, just before we dive into Harry’s stupidity and the obnoxious shutdown of the book Ulysses by James Joyce, we explore the controversial topic of police policing. We question whether or not we need them to be constantly watching over us and discuss the potential implications of this type of surveillance. Then, we discuss the alarming truth that if humans continue to destroy and pollute oceans, sharks will go to new places and eat us up (yes, it’s already happening).

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as we also explore how a comet could change our lives forever. So, don’t say “doomsday” until it happens and then ask yourself, “why should I?”

Next, we take a look at the historical fact that lead poisoning was even worse than plastic today. The fall of the Roman Empire is a stark reminder of the damage that can be done when we don’t take environmental concerns seriously.

Moving on, we discuss why no one should be nosy about other people’s lives, and we can’t help but bring up the Armie Hammer controversy. We also examine why the West is still better with its safety protocols, particularly when it comes to fake eye-drops that can blind you if you blindly seek out cheap online content from Asia.

Finally, we wrap up the episode with our Live Review segment, featuring PMad’s “Down” and Saxon Jenkins’ “Renee”.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to reignite genuine human conversations with a comedic take and some sketches on the Neoborn And Andia Human Show with this thought-provoking and hilarious episode that covers a range of topics, from Harry’s stupidity to the fall of the Roman Empire and everything in between.