Hollow Moon - new podcast episode

Do you remember Timo Vuorensola‘s Iron Sky?

Yes, I know, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, yes, just this one was without sticking toilet papers…

The very idea of a hollow moon has been spreading for a long human while. And heck, how can we be so sure? Just not the trust in ego-headed scientists and the all too decent politicians? (yes, this was a joke… needs to be said in the 21st century it seems…)

What would we do if we had neighbours up there?

Or even something beyond our Newton-centered phsysics?

Probably we wouldn’t even know about it. At the very most it would spread as a conspiracy. Since in the 21st century, just as always, the information must be controlled in order to keep people at bay. How could anonye dare to imagine a freely roaming mind?

Once and for all: freedom is not what is given, it is what’s been understood, utilized and benefitted. Freedom is humanity, humanity is freedom. Without it’s just a broken imitation of everything.

While we can’t be certain about a hollow moon at least for now, we can be sure to be filled inside, not just food-wise but in soul, mind and heart, too. It might come with righteous and good actions…

‘Till that, who knows where and how deep we are lost in our way as humanity.

Let’s just hope we are more complete than a hollow moon. Right, Timo?