Join Neoborn Caveman and Andia for an extended episode titled “Humans Over AIs: Because Biological Life Matters”.

They start by discussing who the real apex predators are in today’s world and whether Elon Musk is a plant for taking military contracts. They also define what AI is and acknowledge that ChatGPT is not one of them. Despite the growing trend of replacing humans with deep machine learning models, they firmly believe in the value of biological life. The episode covers the research-based answer to what makes people ultimately happy and acknowledges artists like Julience, PMad, Saxon Jenkins, Collin Troy from Fugitive Moods, Bonnie and the Jets, Malxolm Brixkhouse, The Inoxidables. The hosts also question why Julian Assange is still not free and why people seem to care less about others’ freedom. They delve into the serious issue of social media corporations’ ineffectiveness in protecting children from abuse and predators. The hosts share their views on what the right solution is for trans people in prison and how politicians are taking advantage of these issues for their own gain. Additionally, the episode includes fun segments like the 60 seconds drumming with Andia, Battle of Jokes, and a special live performance of “Monday that is Manic”. Tune in to this comedy show to enjoy laughter, friendship, and engaging conversations.