NAAHS for site 01

Here we go again, the first time.

When landing on one of the moons of Jupiter in an undisclosed area (we aren’t telling the exact place, yet) where we can feel ourselves less alien and more alive as purple rabbits – we felt comfort and peace. The so long faraway idea of tranquil self-truthness dawned our soul with brights of the morrow. We’ve travelled so far and even beyond to arrive in ourselves to whom we feel we’d been meant to be. And finally, the only safe place just around the after next corner in this elliptical solar system provides shelter and safety.

Being invisible in the masses on Earth, our cry outs being unheard and thoughts unlistened to, living ridiculed in our purple rabbit skins in which we felt self-identical – our creative minds are wayfarers. Could have hitchiked with Kirk or Picard but we didn’t want to remain lost. Maybe we should have… after all, an isolated island may be felt as Paradise for the Lost…

Still, we continue to beam the light into the dazzlingly glaring glitters of obnoxiously ignorant darkness of self-indulgance and self-importance.

Words of light, words of wisdom, words of humour, words of care, compassion, empathy and mutual understanding, care and interest. Almost sound like respect and love. They are not apart.

We aren’t gluttons of painted mirrors.

Just… eager to be alive.

Once again, the first time.