After some more than a few hours in the editing room the brand new episode is out.

And what’s it about?

Neoborn welcomes Andia back from her journey of setting up a sideline business creating holographic lighting wooden desktop logos with a laser cannon or so.She share the challenges of finding customers and gigs as an artist, too, just before they move on to Ricky Gervais, and the impact of their rather differing personal experiences on comedy. NC still believes in authenticity in art. Getting to one way ticket to the non-existent Uyghur camps in China? Neoborn Caveman attempts this impossible reality with something children and adults in the West equally can enjoy. They also talk about the challenges of being a public figure and the role of TikTok in artist discovery, with insights on the influence of background and support on success, the impact of gatekeepers on artists, the importance of intellectual property. And as practicing freedom-fighters in space (at least in the ether) they share about the dangers of inventing and speaking out, the control of food and agriculture, the problem with legal battles, the importance of learning from history, the overwhelming amount of information, trusting gut feelings and intuition, the need to transition to renewable energy, the impact of petrochemicals on the environment, the problem with consumerism. Luckily (some might though doubt it) the Battle of Jokes segment is back with some cultural takes and music live reviews of Like A Fool by Project Rod Williams and Hello by Big Bus Dream.

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Here are a few takeaways as appetizer:

  • Setting up a sideline business can provide financial stability and creative fulfillment.
  • Finding customers and gigs can be challenging, but local connections and personal outreach can be effective.
  • Authenticity is important in comedy and art, and personal experiences can shape comedic material.
  • Dealing with China can present ethical challenges due to government control and lack of royalties on platforms like TikTok.
  • The role of TikTok in artist discovery can be both beneficial and limiting. Background and support play a significant role in an individual’s success.
  • Gatekeepers in the art industry can limit opportunities for talented individuals.
  • Intellectual property is important for artists and creators.
  • Speaking out and inventing can come with risks and consequences.
  • The control of food and agriculture has far-reaching implications.
  • Legal battles can be challenging and draining for individuals.
  • Learning from history is crucial to avoid repeating mistakes.
  • The abundance of information can be overwhelming and confusing.
  • Trusting gut feelings and intuition can lead to better decision-making.
  • Transitioning to renewable energy is necessary for a sustainable future.
  • The use of petrochemicals has negative environmental impacts.
  • Consumerism and materialism contribute to societal problems.
  • Humor and jokes can bring joy and laughter to life.
  • Unrequited love can be painful and difficult to navigate.
  • Music has the power to connect and resonate with individuals.
  • Reflections on love and mistakes can lead to personal growth.
  • Human connection is essential for a fulfilling life.
  • Non-conformist artists bring unique perspectives and creativity to the world.


Here are a few timestamps for you:

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Setting up a sideline business
02:23 Becoming a laser artist
03:22 Creating desktop logos
05:24 The process of making desktop logos
06:23 The unique features of the desktop logos
08:36 Expanding the business to local shops
09:07 Exploring different logo designs
10:04 Working with vector graphics
11:28 Promoting the show and seeking sponsorship
12:38 The potential of desktop logos as promotional items
13:29 The challenges of running a business
14:05 The importance of finding customers
16:31 The difficulty of finding gigs as a musician
17:28 The popularity of desktop logos
19:07 Expanding the product range
20:20 The demand for personalized wooden plaques
21:02 Creating a 3D laser cut map
23:55 Being interviewed for a magazine
25:20 The challenges of getting gigs as a musician
26:38 The importance of authenticity in comedy
28:57 The impact of personal experiences on comedy
30:20 The limitations of scripted comedy
31:44 The controversy surrounding Ricky Gervais
33:38 The importance of authenticity in art
35:10 The challenges of finding authentic comedy
36:13 The impact of life changes on comedy
37:24 The connection between personal and creative lives
39:08 The difficulty of understanding different perspectives
40:29 The challenges of being a public figure
43:00 The importance of being authentic
45:00 The impact of personal experiences on comedy
46:17 The challenges of dealing with China
47:45 The lack of royalties on TikTok
49:11 The role of TikTok in artist discovery
50:20 The challenges of finding gigs as a musician
52:15 The Impact of Gatekeepers on Artists
55:09 Misconceptions about China and TikTok
57:08 The Power of Words and Quotations
57:55 The Importance of Intellectual Property
59:11 The Dangers of Inventing and Speaking Out
01:00:33 The Control of Food and Agriculture
01:02:01 The Problem with Legal Battles
01:03:20 The Importance of Learning from History
01:04:19 The Overwhelming Amount of Information
01:05:23 Trusting Gut Feelings and Intuition
01:06:17 The Need to Transition to Renewable Energy
01:07:11 The Impact of Petrochemicals on the Environment
01:08:56 The Problem with Consumerism
01:10:32 The Importance of Ownership and Responsibility
01:11:30 The Power of Jokes and Humor
01:17:29 The Pain of Unrequited Love
01:19:01 The Connection and Vibration of Music
01:23:49 Reflections on Love and Mistakes
01:25:29 The Importance of Human Connection
01:26:34 Appreciating Non-Conformist Artists

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