Welcome to the Neoborn and Andia Human Show‘s electrifying episode! In this latest instalment, our Two Purple Rabbits have dived deep into the world’s most pressing issues and provided their witty take on them. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for an electrifying ride!

The first topic discussed is the importance of standing up against oppressors and overlords, instead of rolling over and acting out of fear. Neoborn and Andia delve into the dangers of complacency and how it can lead to suffering and ghettos. It’s a powerful reminder that we need to stand up for ourselves and our beliefs.

Next up, our dynamic duo explores the meaning of belonging and the need to change for the better. They address the tendency of Gen Z to whine about meaningless things and call for them to change their ways. It’s an important message for all generations to hear.

Moving on, Professor Andia takes the reins to discuss hedonism and the magic of DMTs and magic mushrooms. It’s a fascinating look at the science behind these substances and the potential benefits they can provide.

The music live review of the great band The Unlimited Stars is a real treat for fans of rock and roll. Neoborn and Andia‘s keen ear for music and ability to capture its essence in words is truly electrifying.

But the conversation takes a serious turn when they discuss the banning of books for no apparent reason. The hosts question the notion of wrongthink and how it can be used to silence voices. It’s a sobering reminder of the importance of free speech and the potential dangers of censorship.

The discussion then turns to the recent Zantac scandal, in which GlaxoSmythKline’s drug killed thousands of people over 40 years. The FDA’s involvement and lack of accountability are discussed, leading to a powerful indictment of the agency.

Neoborn and Andia also tackle the loss of freedom of speech and religion in Canada and how China is shaping the country. They bring up examples like Pastor Artur Pawlowski, high school student Josh Alexander, and Jordan B. Peterson to drive home the importance of protecting these fundamental rights.

Of course, no Neoborn and Andia show would be complete without a Battle of Jokes segment. The laughs keep coming as the two hosts try to outdo each other with their witty quips and one-liners.

The hosts also discuss the serious problems of Gen Z and the impact they have on society. They talk about how the troubles in relationships are often the cause of wars and how we can stop them at home.

On the top of all these, one of Emily Dickinson’s poems is performed in a new gown! Neoborn and Andia explore how culture can enrich our lives and connect us with our shared humanity.

The Neoborn and Andia Human Show‘s electrifying episode is a roller-coaster of thought-provoking conversation, humour, and laughter. It’s a testament to the power of two brilliant minds coming together to make a difference in the world. So, tune in and be electrified!