NAAHS Season 04

Did you know there is no such a thing as time?

Well, our teachers and employers seem to be neglectful regarding this actual scientific fact (and now you all think I’m joking…).

What we have is gravity. The one that influences everything and everyone all around.

Science says, time is changing aligned with gravity changes. Sorry, what? That science has just stated there is no such a thing as time? Well, welcome to it, the very thing we call science: there is no one static truth, especially when we can’t see the whole picture as one. Remember the elephant in the dark tent and the scholars? They all examined it from every sides yet came out with different conclusions. So next time someone is so convinced about something, just think, maybe that person only could touch the buttock of the truth and maybe it’s just sh*tty talk from there…

Have your own truth.


Well, our reality here is simple: we listen, care and respect each other more than our on thoughts. Why? Because that’s the way of a community, a shared existence.

And why I am writing all these?

Oh yes: we are already in Season 04 and also on-air in the I90 Radio, Boston, a couple of times every week.

Tune in, enjoy and for your own sake: live your best life every day!