Yes, we all know the climate has always been changing. Yep, that’s how it is with the whole Creation, Universe and even our life in and out: stagnation is agony.

We are very well aware, Antarctic used to be a wetland and the La Manche Channel didn’t even exist a little -planetarily- while ago.

Yes, we all know, dinosaurs exhausted way more methane gas and only -planetarily- recently air is full of more oxygen to sustain our human lungs.

We are very well aware of the cycles of our Earth and in our lives.

Yet, what’s been happening is the speedy accelaration of the work based on the wrong blueprint and misguided ideas and the outcome is the tidal waves of self-destruction in a global scale, events of trumping down masses by the very few thinking they can be excempt of the doom the numbness of humanity let to happen.

In our life and our shows, we are raising awareness for the benefit of our world and the life of our descendants.

Let’s talk, let’s listen, let’s do better – this time in real and for good.