NAAHS Bloopers and Jokes

And there’s been absolutely no question about it.

Since nobody has been asking any actual questions anymore and it’s been a while like this.

Just a note here: Andia does not necessarily like the word “actual”. So, let’s go with “peculiar”. Or “genuine”. Since Neoborn feels “original” way too tired.

Anyhoo, Butt-head is a real a-hole not only towards to the world but to Beavis himself as well. As they do the space it is plain obvious.

The story is that since the “Neoborn And Andia Human Show” has also gone on-air in a more traditional sense (no, not only the red cabbages and lentils mixed with raw beans and chilli with milk and spinach and cinnamon on the top in the raspberry dessert) there’s been a few asks for radio idents and station voices. So recordings happened in the sweltering heat. Oh, folks, what a great time of abs-strengthening laughters!

And that was it: the world is gloomy even when the sky is clear, people fight even when there is no reason to it. Well, they always make a “good” reasoning why not to deal with their inner immaturity but taking it all on others in unfortunately creative ways, don’t they? So, what is the best way to conquer all the negatives and naysayers? Indeed: Bloopers and Jokes.

Have you heard it?

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Stay tuned and have fun!