We all have to stand for something and stand up for others.

Politicians and corporate elites always prefer their very own interest and close their circles. They live a life of another species among another one. Their nature of pretension has been accepted and in some insidious ways we have always been convinced we should be grateful for their words they are doing everything in their power to give back a portion to us from what they had been taken away as their greedy blood dictated.

How to be more than a slave and how to make peace with the idea: we are all meant to be more than servants?

Life is about joy, embrace, ingenuity, sharing, respect and from these: love. In every direction.

Now, living under duress and hardships, we tend to feel to be a winner when the lesser misery is upon us.

Isn’t it interesting, that just when we could take a breath and slow down, look around another existential threat is upon us or at least made us to believe so.

The aforementioned forced gratitude comes out since at least we are in not that part of the sandbox where the fights are happening. At least, our life built on slippery slope breadcrumbs are not in imminent danger, isn’t it? Yet, from the right perspective we are as dirty as anyone else in this box of sand and mud, until the very moment we say “no” and leave the frames and boundaries to have different games and some cleaner times…

Do not stay where you are, neither in nor out. Become more than you were made to think you are good for.

There is no point to be cannon-fodders whilst spineless politicians and corporates are thinking this planet is their sandbox…